The marquee and structure might provide the framework, but it’s the furnishings inside that really give the event colour and comfort.

Our furniture stock includes tables, chairs, bars, stools, and lounges. With a wide range of quality furnishings and décor that encompasses a variety of styles, Atmosphere Event Specialists can tailor any occasion to meet your needs and go beyond any expectations.

Our range of furniture and décor is being continuously updated to meet the modern trends in order to serve a wide variety of events.


240X90cm Banquet Table
240x120cm Banquet Table
Banquet Trestle (2.4x 1.8m)
Hair Pin table
round table
Botanical Cafe Table - Blue
Botanical Cafe Table - Yellow
Botanical Cafe Table - Green
Botanical Cafe Table - Red
Botanical Cafe Table - White
Botanical Cafe Table - Black
Botanical Cafe Table - Black
Coffee Table White
Bar table - White
Bar Table Red
Bar Table - Black
Metal and Oak Table - Metal
Metal and Oak Table - Black
Metal and Oak Table - White
Botanical Bar Table - Blue
Botanical Bar Table - Yellow
Botanical Bar Table - Green
Botanical Bar Table - Red
Botanical Bar Table - White
Botanical Bar Table - Black
High Bar Table
Pallet Bar
High Bar Counter


wooden folding chair
Plastic Chair
Wicker Chair
White Gladiator Chair
Black Gladiator Chair
Botanical Cafe Chairs - Yellow
Botanical Cafe Chairs - Green
Botanical Cafe Chairs - White
Botanical Cafe Chairs - Black
Metal and Oak Bar Chairs - metal
Metal and Oak Bar Chairs - black
Black Stool
White Stool
Club Stool
Gas Lift Bar Stool
Vinyl Stool
White High Back


Rattan Couch
Rattan Arm Chair
Metro Couch 2 Seater White
Metro Couch 2 Seater Black
white ottoman
Square Ottoman Black
Square Ottoman white
Round Ottoman White