Tiered staging seating platforms


If you’re looking for temporary tiered platform hire, tiered event seating, tiered seating, grandstands or grandstand seating hire then Atmosphere Event Specialists can Help.

Our Tiered staging platforms are great for orchestras, choirs, photography sessions, bands, judging platforms, sports event seating, and many other uses. Contact Us

To make our tiered platforms and tiered seating systems we use our stock of 2m x 1m stage decks  which means we can create many different shapes and sizes to meet your needs. As a rough estimate you can fit 4 seats or 5 people standing to each stage deck which gives enough space for walkways between rows but it may be advisable on long rows to remove a couple of seats per row to create additional verticle walkways. Heights for each tier are available from 200mm up to 2000mm and hand rails, rear exits and guards can be fitted where required.

Each tiered stage platform hire can be supplied with or with out the chairs, carpet or LED edge lighting depending on your needs for your event

We operate throughout Victoria supplying temporary portable tiered grandstand seating for shows, sporting events, roadside events, spectator events to name a few.