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Stand Out Venues

If you want to impress, make a statement or just want the best seats in the house,
then these  Standout Venues are for you! Standout Venues, Anywhere, Anytime.

They are in a league of their own. Within a few short hours of arrival at a location of your choice, our standout venue units transforms into an impressive standout venue  that you would swear was sitting on a slab and took months to build. Then after a few hours when you have finished, it’s gone as if it was never there. Stand Out Venues have many add ons and numerous options to display company brands and products.

What can these Standout Venues be used for?

  • VIP Suite, viewing room at races – which race?  You choose
  • Corporate box  at any sporting event
  • Event Studios
  • Premium corporate functions/launches
  • Up-market parties
  • Premium exhibition stands
  • Mobile Showrooms
  • Mobile promotional venues
  • Disaster Relief
  • Media boxes
  • Hospitality rooms
  • Road shows
  • Exhibition stands (indoor and outdoor)

Imagine choosing where to put your Standout Venue  then having the ability to move it to another location in a few hours. Their uses are practically unlimited. Now that’s special!